On this journey called life, I have come to realize that we are all given gifts, talents and abilities. These gifts, talents and abilities are from God for us to create products and services and to ultimately help others. I went to an office job every day and did my work. I had learned my job well and I was good, maybe even great at it. I was paid a decent salary, good benefits, paid holidays and time off. What was wrong with me? I looked out onto the cemetery of desks and chairs full of zombies aka coworkers. They did not talk, they just grunted out words. They moved slowly with a lack of energy or enthusiasm. They were dead of ambition and dead of ideas. They did not think, they just vomited venom of unhappiness and misery on the other staff and customers. It was a radioactive toxic dump of lost dreams and visions. I knew there was more out there for me to do. But what was I supposed to do? I remembered our pastor had shared with us, the things we do with ease were a gift. I was good at talking and helping people. Ok, good job, that narrows it down. I began to sit, think, meditate(get quiet without the distracts of life) and write down my thoughts as they flowed. As I looked back over my life, I began to see I only talked about people starting businesses and God. I began to realize I was wired differently. I was not like other people. But how was I going to do this? I had bumps, bruises, cuts and scars from life. I had fears, low self esteem, loneliness, and rejection issues. I held onto these issues tightly like a soft, fluffy blanket smothered in Downy. These issues set the stage for bad choices of people, places and things. Now add in the mix embarrassment and shame to have created a half dead zombie that was living a dead life.

Whew, Ha Ha. And you’re gonna Help People Succeed? What the HeXX Is Going On? Is this some sick joke! How was I going to help others with my graveyard of insecurities and past failures? It is truly a twist, that God will choose the broken, bruised and abandoned ones to help others. All throughout the Bible, the nobodies with issues were called to do great things and to help others. Ok, well then, I am in good company to do what I was called to do! So join me and let’s get started on this journey to become whole and start “Livin Your MPowered Life.”

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