As I began going into a graphic design business with my husband, I would think how did I get here? I am a RN by degree and worked as a nurse for 10 years, worked for the state in human services and now I am a business owner with a newborn. Was I qualified? Will I be successful? How was I going to do this? Let’s briefly talk about this…

You do not have to be perfect to be used by God. God is using the imperfect people to help others. And the Lord is qualifying the unqualified. Which means you can still be used if you do not have all of the degrees, certifications, and all that the world’s systems say you need to have. Yes excellence is required, but perfection is not necessary. Come as you are is not just a statement, it is a way of life. Many do not think they have experience in the things they are called to do. We are called by Christ to do a great work, then we become dependent on Him for instructions and the plans. We travel light because our downloads may change. His plans and thoughts are not our plans and thoughts. So we will definitely need directions by GPS. The GPS is “The Book,” which is the word of God. GPS stands for God’s Planned Setup.  As you begin to take time and sit, learn and meditate on the word of God. You will be given a concept, idea, strategy or a thought that you write down instructions, research and by faith walk it out! 

Join me on an uncertain journey of life that has certainty in Christ. Let’s unpack an imperfect life together to bring your vision 2 life. It doesn’t matter who you are or what you have been through. You are still qualified and you will make it to your destined place in life on time as long as you keep going. Join me with other women as we start “Livin The MPowered Life.”

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